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The sensual elegance oh this sparkling, floral frangnance

(jasmine,rosedemai) is delicately coloured by velvet touch of peach, enchanced by a zest of bergamot.The sweetness of precious wood (sandalwood, patchouli) provokes an intense seduction, highlighted by silky and powdery dry - out (musk, balsams, vanilla) .

for ladies • Eau de toilette • 100ml

HEAD: Peach, Bergamot

HEART: Jasmine, Rosedemal

DOWN: Musk, Balsams, Vanilla, Patchouli

"FORMIDABLE" by name, "FORMIDABLE" by nature, that is the new perfume by kesling. A true inovation in design, "FORMIDABLE" consists of two bottles in one: a 100ml eau de toilette for day time and a 50ml eau de parfum for "soirées).

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